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07-24-2008, 09:43 PM
Has anyone tried the Alumiweld Aluminum welding rods from Harbor Freight, item #44810. Says "Now you can weld aluminum with ay low temp torch, even a propane torch!" And they are only $12.99

07-24-2008, 10:01 PM
I have them, but not from HF. It's not as easy as the video shows, and it's not good for anything that will have a lot of stress on it, like a bike frame, unless you prep it correctly and post heat treat. From what I understand, the post heat treatment isn't as intensive as when MIG or TIG welding, because you're welding at much lower temps. You have to use a stainless steel brush constantly while welding, or the weld won't hold, even under little stress. I tried it with propane first, which took a long time. MAPP works much better, and faster. The welds held up after hitting them with a hammer, as the video shows, if you keep that brush moving. Other than for small repairs, which is what it's intended for, the product is a waste of money. It just takes too much time to get a decent weld.
I used it to repair a storm door, and it did a good job. I also tried to make spinners with it, but there were too many parts to be welded to make it worth my while. It was much easier and faster to make steel spinners.
In case anyone is interested, grinding aluminum with wheels intended for steel will clog them up quickly. I found that out the hard way when I worked for the county. Actually, it was pretty funny. I usually used the grinder only for sharpening drill bits, but one day I had to grind a piece of aluminum for a window frame. The wheel got clogged up, and one of the guys who used the grinder a lot, took a fit when he saw the wheel after I used it. He started yelling and screaming that he had to use the grinder, and now he couldn't, because I wrecked the wheel. He went on and on for about ten minutes, when I said that you could have just changed the wheel and been halfway done by now. That really made him mad. I said I gotta go, I have to get back to the job. The guy followed me out, yelling and screaming, while I laughed. Payback's a *****. A week earlier, I set up a makeshift table to build floats on. I walked 10 feet to get some lumber, and this guy sets up his own work on my table. He said too bad, I have to get this thing done, go make another table for yourself. I said no problem, but you're on my s#%$ list, so be careful. I could be a spiteful b@#$&*d. He found that out.

07-24-2008, 11:49 PM
I worked for the county. Having one of those would make sense.
When we needed to get rid of a piling that was in the way, we were told by a deputy commissioner (Definition: Political hack with his or her nose up some politician's butt.) to wait until low tide, then cut it with a chain saw above the water. We argued that it would still be in the way; the police boat that was supposed to go there would get wrecked. His answer: "We'll tell them to only put the boat there at high tide." We argued that the tide doesn't stay high, and as soon as it goes down a foot, the hull will hit it. His answer to that: "Then go underwater and cut the piling with the chain saw as low as you can." We said the chain saw doesn't work underwater. He said, I saw an electric chain saw in your shop. Use that"
So no, we didn't have one of those.