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08-04-2013, 08:57 PM
Hi guys and girls my name is Jim and I am new to this site , just bought the plans for the overkill phat ass , going to start building the bike this weekend , I have been a welder for over 30 years and when I saw this I just had to build one for my self , looks like a great project , I want to change it so it can have gears but not sure if I should put the gear pack on the jack shaft or the wheel . If anyone has tried this please let me know , I will post pics as soon as I start to let everyone see the progress I am making , Great site with a lot of very talented people so I hope I can reach the bar that others have set

08-04-2013, 09:22 PM
Hi Jim,
Welcome from China!
From the sounds of things, this should be easy for you! To answer your question on gears--either way will work. But if you put it on the wheel there will be no problems with ground clearance for the derailer. This then means you then have to plan the crank gearing carefully to get a decent gear range.
If you put it in the middle, you can use "normal gearing between cranks and derailer, and a 1:1 from the jack shaft to the wheel. This is easier than the other way. Make sure the derailer will miss the rear wheel when it extends backwards.
So if ground clearance is no problem, put the multi speed hub (suggest a 14//34Megarange) on the jackshaft, with two 18 tooth (22if you can get them) rear sprockets on the jackshaft and the wheel. In know that's three freewheels, but only one of them ticks at any time!
Choose the crankset to suit what gearing you want--bet 42/32/22 if you want a triple set up front. If not, and you don't mind loosing top speed, 32 teeth will give a good allround "slow top"
"useable low" set of gears.
I would use the triple set at first, just to find out. You donthave to fit any derailer while you experiment, just move the chain by hand.
My guess would br that you will stick with a triple set asnd connect up.
Enough on gears.
Have fun,
Any problems, just ask arpound here--some one always answers.
Steve G,

08-04-2013, 09:35 PM
Thanks Steve , I am thinking a single gear on the crank up front just for the looks but have some kind of gearing in the back as with that big of a tire I don't what to push it up small hills if I don't have to , I am thinking of changing the tubing to alum. to try to save weight as I have an alum wheel from a dirt late model that I used to have and race here in western NY, the rim is 15" wide and the tire is 32" in dia. , I know I will have fun doing this and I will keep everyone updated

Radical Brad
08-05-2013, 03:43 PM
Greets and thanks for your support.
There are a few of both examples in our gallery.