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12-28-2012, 03:53 PM
this is a wonderful veloshell design. i plan to steal a lot from this design, although no where near as big as this. i hope to see more this vehicle, at least a video clip of how it moves.
i dont know what to think about that front windshield




DEW21 electric fleet gets a visit from the package streaker

Dortmund 22.06.2012,
It has three wheels and flits electromobility immediately by the city of Dortmund. Talking about the Cargo Cruiser, an electrically powered cargo bike that is to make as part of a start-up project of Dortmund, DEW21 UPS and now the inner city of CO2-free. First to 31 October 2012 is part of the project the potential of electrically assisted bicycles are load tested as environmentally and economically viable alternative for the delivery in the inner cities. Together with the city of Dortmund DEW21 is engaged in a broad alliance for climate protection and the reduction of CO2.

To promote electric mobility on site DEW21 built jointly with RWE, more than 30 electric charging stations in the city. In addition, City of Dortmund and DEW21 support with electric vehicles in its fleet development. DEW21 staff test nearly a year in the downtown area near the center for Pedelecs and postal and courier journeys three Vito E-CELL vehicles in everyday use. Was supplemented environmentally friendly vehicle fleet recently by three Opel Ampera vehicles.

The city of Dortmund has "electrified Dortmund" with the initiative paves the way for the ecological mobility. Along with the consultation surrounding energy efficiency and climate protection, the Economic Development Agency coordinated the joint steering committee electromobility Dortmund electromobility activities. Thus, in the flagship project "metropol-E" in the municipal fleet integrated 10 E-cars and 10 Pedelecs. In addition, in cooperation with other partners such as RWE Efficiency GmbH and TU Dortmund coverage in the districts created for charging infrastructure. The important thing is the connection to the renewable energy sector. The goal is the CO2-free service transition. Titled "ELMO" the Economic Development Agency and the Fraunhofer Institute IML implement the TEDi logistics partners, CWS-boco and UPS large electrically powered trucks in the delivery vehicles.

The innovative cargo Cruiser project is another component of this commitment. It is based on the project "Green Logistics" the Efficiency Cluster LogistikRuhr where UPS Germany is also involved, and that deals in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute Dortmund with more eco-tour. Electric rickshaws have been identified in this project with a study carried out as a promising solution for the service in urban areas. The Cargo Cruiser is first inserted in the eastern city of Dortmund. In the fund established by the City of Dortmund loading zones in the border area of ​​downtown packages are unloaded from a conventional UPS delivery vehicles. From that defines the electric rickshaw called the "last mile" back to the customer. An optimal solution to the narrow downtown streets, often only a few offer park or parking facilities for large courier vehicles. The Emissionsund noise pollution in the areas of application can be reduced and the traffic conditions are relaxed.

At night, the cargo cruiser parked on the premises of DEW21 headquarters to one of the charging stations next to the hotel's electric fleet. Here the batteries of the electric motor are recharged so that the vehicle every morning has a range of about 35 km, a load volume of 2.2 m3 and a possible payload of 300 kg. With 25 km / h it takes to charge its customers.