View Full Version : Street Fox caster vs Viking Tandem caster

12-11-2012, 09:20 PM
This is my first post, I took advantage of the six plans for $36 Christmas special. I am not entirely sure which trike I will build, but the three that have caught my attention are the Street Fox, Warrior, and Viking Tandem. I also like the pick-up trikes. because I can totally see me going to the supermarket on one of those.

I have read through the Street Fox and the Viking Tandem plans.

The Street Fox appears to require a fair amount of trial and error and patience to get the caster correct. The steering tubes are welded to the steering boom at the caster angle and the boom assembly is welded flat to the main frame. In fact the process described could be a deal breaker for me.

The Viking Tandem does it somewhat differently. In fact, while I was reading the Street Fox Plans my thought was "Why can't we do this differently?" And there it was in the Viking plans. The steering tube were welded to the boom at a 90 caster and the boom was welded to the main frame tilted back so that the proper caster angle was set by putting a spacer under the boom before welding.

Is there an advantage of one method over the other? Is there any reason why the Viking method would not be appropriate on the Street Fox. Could I cut a little notch in the main frame that will accept the steering boom at the right caster angle? Or alternatively cut a notch out of the steering boom for the main frame?

12-11-2012, 11:52 PM
Welcome to the Fun. If you read the Warrior plans you will see the same caster set up as the Viking. The Streetfox is an older model designed by Brad. There are folk who have used the Warrior plans and combine the Streetfox suspension. The plans are actually guides and any modifications are up to you. My suggestion is to rear all your plans then go to the area of the Forum of the plan you like the best and read over some older post. There are a ton of answer in almost every set of plan there are. The tutorials on the main page are great too whether your just starting out in metal working or even if your a pro. Brad and Kat have help everyone on this site and it is a world of builder here. Anyway be sure to post as your building which ever plan you go for. Even if it is a combination of a couple plans. Have fun is the operative word here.