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02-07-2008, 03:24 PM
Posted - 07/19/2007 : 21:00:00
Do I have any krew in New Jersey? Just wondering how nice it would be to meet other AZ builders around here.

Posted - 07/20/2007 : 17:15:31
Hi Dumbfinger. I'm from Long Island, my brother lives in Succasunna. Unfortunately, he doesn't build anything. I'm a little incapacited now, but maybe in the future we could meet up. I have some postings under Meridian support, in fact I replied to one of your postings. if you like to tinker, and are a little bit inventive, you'll love building bikes. The best part of building them yourself is that you can build any machine custom fit for your height, weight etc. for a fraction of the cost of having one built. There's all kinds of free and low cost materials available for you to work with. For instance, I needed a wheelchair to get around while my broken leg heals. I found a power chair on craigs list for $25, with a battery charger. It needed batteries, which cost another $60. Someone in my neighborhood asked me if I wanted to sell it when I don't need it anymore. I told him If I decide to sell it, I'd sell it for $200. He said to let him know. That will be $115 for purchasing some quality components. Use your imagination, and be resourceful, and you'll have a custom built machine without having to spend much of your regular salary.

Hey Kid.,
Nice to meet ya. At least theirs one person around here.
Sorry to here about your accident. I guess Murphy's Law comes into play no matter who, what where, or when huh...
I'm always on the look out...lol.
Perhaps one day we can meet up on a ride or something? First I gotta get this bike built.
So far I've picked up 1 donor bike, with 3 more on the way, so thats not that bad of a start. I might have a fellow willing to weld up this one for me. I just need to get some more money together, for all the rest of the goodies.
I'll keep in touch with my progress.