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02-07-2008, 03:22 PM
Posted - 12/07/2007 : 14:03:50
Hi, live in lakes region, have an old Miami Sun trike I want to convert to Epower. Only a 1.5 mile ride to town but the hills tax me at 65 years young and I don't want to spend $3+ for gas to do daily errands. Looking for someone who can answer some construction questions as this is new to me.

Posted - 12/12/2007 : 17:34:08
Hi, I live in the foothills not too far from the Lakes region (Franklin). The simplest, although not the cheapest, way to convert your trike to electric power is a hub motor. They are available in kits that contain pretty much all you need except the battery and a bracket to mount it.
There was a guy riding a trike in Manchester a few years back who'd made a bracket out of old wire shelving. He made clamps by bending sheetmetal around the rear axle and bolting them to the shelf. He had two rods that ran from the back of the bracket to the rear down tube- they had an angle bent in them to clear the battery. As near as I could tell, he simply bungee'd his battery directly onto the bracket.
Hub motors can be found right here at Atomic Zombie (some users have posted links) and Ebay has sellers, too. You might also try Googling them. Best of luck on your conversion, please keep us updated.
I hope to meet you sometime. I ride the Winnipesaukee river trail a lot, and will be building a cycle car and speed trike this winter to go along with my conventional Mongoose MTB.
I also run Bike Franklin, a nonprofit project to collect, refurbish, and distribute unwanted bicycles to those who can't afford to buy one.
Happy trails!