View Full Version : How can I weld with a "buzzbox" dept. store arc welder when my fuses are all 15amp?

04-29-2011, 01:30 AM
Sorry if this is a dumb question. :jester:

I am really interested in trying my hand at some of the plans but I have some real world issues to figure out before delving in to buying anything.

So, I notice most of the good arc welders are 20 amp rated but my home wiring is 15 amp, so I assume I have 14g wiring in the house so changing a breaker to 20 amp may be out. Hmm!

Should I be getting only a 15 amp rated welder (is this good enough)?
Long extension cord with some kind of adapter to the 240v outlets?
I don't think that would work either since I have no suitable place to weld in the range of the oven or dryer plugs.

Maybe I am wrong and the welder does not need the full amps?


04-29-2011, 09:24 AM
A very simple,cheap welder is nothing more than a transformator with adjustable output.

To draw max amps for the primary side, you need to set the welder to max output on the secundary side.

It's rather straightforward. Output 24V 143 amp (max I have messured on such a cheap set) means you draw 14.3 amps from a 240V wall socket or a whopping 31.2 amps from a 110V outlet.

Of course, there are losses, and those are the ones that make your welder run hot and stop. About 10%.
Meaning the cheap welder at full throttle on 240V will draw 15 to 16 amps.

Now, if you have 110V 15A, means you can use an electric welder set at 50- 60 amps before the fuse goes.

50-60 amps is useable for thin rods.

But, why not think about oxy-acy welding or brazing?