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02-20-2011, 04:21 PM
Hello friends at the following site in Spanish is a comment from a man who welded aluminum with a DC tig welder. the coated electrode used as input for aluminum tig welding
Thisi is the site
I use the google traslator to converter to english

Well, actually the explanation given for welding with alternating current is valid, which is trying to do is break down the protective film of aluminum, for direct current TIG how do we do? I'll say something I think is not published anywhere, or at least I found it, but my job is to train welders and welding secrets have to be for everyone.
First, we clean the workpiece well as for the other welds.
Second, the secret is in the solder, use electric welding electrode coated aluminum.
Third, when you start TIG welding electrode coating will break the aluminum foil by a perfect fusion, leaving the dregs of the electrode which have to clean later.
This system is best for thick materials better than fine as it needs to work with a little more amperage, but depends on the expertise of each. What I can assure you is perfect soldering and welding also very nice.
A greeting and I hope that solves your doubts and let me know.

Carlos Daniel