View Full Version : I ordered plans and payment was processed but didn't get an email. Help!

12-18-2010, 03:21 AM
Check your email system's Spam/Blocked/Deleted items folder. Some systems like Yahoo and Gmail have aggressive filtering software that block legitimate messages from your Inbox.
Log on to your PayPal account or refer to your email receipt confirming success payment was processed and ensure the email address you provided is correct. If you see an error, contact Customer Support (az_support@atomiczombie.com).
Check that your computer/Internet Service Provider (ISP) spam/filtering/virus protection software security settings aren't blocking you from receiving legitimate messages. You will need to refer to their software Help/FAQs to learn how to do this.
If you're really stuck and ready to throw that computer out the window :computer:, contact Customer Support (az_support@atomiczombie.com). We can't solve your technical problems, but can offer moral support, maybe even a virtual hug. {{hug}}