View Full Version : How do I download plans that I ordered?

12-18-2010, 03:01 AM
All of our plans are delivered as PDF files containing high resolution images and diagrams for optimal viewing and printing. They are not blueprints or CAD drawings (see Frequently Asked Questions: http://atomiczombie.com/FAQs.aspx (http://atomiczombie.com/plansfaq.html) ).

Once you have checked out, an email will be sent to your email address connected to your PayPal account (or the one you provide if you choose to pay with credit card instead of PayPal). This email will contain download links that will remain valid for up to seven days.

Please click on the download link(s) and immediately download the PDF project file(s) to your computer hard drive or portable storage device.

Important: Ensure that your PayPal account has your current and valid email address, or you will not be able to receive the download links containing the plan(s) in a timely manner.

If you do not receive the email containing the download link(s) within 48 hours of your successful order, it is possible that your email provider's filters have incorrectly flagged the message.

Please check your email blocked/spam folder before contacting our Customer Service department.

Some email service providers like Yahoo and Gmail have aggressive spam filters that inadvertently put legitimate messages in Blocked/Spam folders unless you customize the software's filtering options yourself.

Please refer to your email service provider's Help/FAQs topics for instructions.

PDF files open in Adobe Acrobat Reader, a program this is most likely installed on your computer. If you cannot view PDF files, download the free Acrobat Reader software (http://get.adobe.com/reader) (http://get.adobe.com/reade).

I ordered plans and have been trying to download them, but Adobe Reader keeps telling me they are corrupt. Any idea why this is happening?

Your Internet Service Provider may be resetting your Internet connection, also known as "throttling bandwidth". This is a sneaky tactic used to balance traffic during peak hours.

Often the best solution is to download the plans during off-peak hours, usually late at night or very early morning.

Important: Be sure that you right click on your mouse on the download links and save to your computer or portable storage device. Failing to do so may result in a corruption error.

Note that some PDFs are very large and some Internet Service providers do throttle bandwidth during peak times that may interfere with downloading. If you are trying to download plans to your portable mobile device, and experience service drop outs or inconsistent connection(s), the downloads may become corrupt.

If you are using a dial-up internet service, you have our sympathies. Itís not impossible to download PDFs on dial-up, but it will take a long time and the connection may not be consistent.

The downloads require a consistent, uninterrupted connection to successfully complete. If the connection is interrupted, the download will stop and will not continue until you right click on the download link and restart the download process.