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10-24-2010, 12:03 AM
Hey Gang, Got my build PDF and had it printed at kinkos, far better than having it printed on the home printer because they use a laser printer and I had it printed on heavy card stock for I could use it in a binder, that my first suggestion because the pictures POP on a one sided gloss card stock and the Cost isn't as much as the replacement ink in my ink jet.

My winter project is going to be down in my top secret shop, in my basement which I plain on pre-cutting and fitting the assembly for the Warrior Racing Trike in my basement.

My problem is a little odd, I am a brain tumor survivor and 100% disabled because of it, add to this the reason for my choice of a three wheel recumbent is not because it looks "cool", rather out of necessity. I am also a disabled Vet also.

the problem I have with the "off-the-shelf" bikes is simple, I was shot in my ear while I was in the service, which resulted in a damaged ear drum, two dislocated shoulders, both collar bones broken in 3 places and split shoulder blades and last two broken knee caps, least to say now when try to ride it there is a 50/50 chance I will just fall over like a tree and I f I don't fall of it and I do manage a ride, I normal spend the next day(s) in a whirlpool taking Tylenol

I do not have any problems working the build, if nothing else, when I am done there will be something to say about how easy it is to build it which I don't for-see any problems.

Before I purchased the Build, My wife and I where taking a little tour of my "Man Den" which was the excuse of a garage that came with our house when we bought it which wouldn't fit a car other than a small fiat.

In my little wonderment tour, 2 years post op I had a chance to learn more of who I was before my operation, by the assortment of tools, jacks and other stuff that was in the Mans-den as it was called. In this den sat an old Craftsman 1000 lawn tractor with a rather odd looking BIG snow blower on the front of it. She told me the story behind it where I found three different craftsmen tractors that where being tossed and another chaise/motor only where I took parts from each and combined them all into one, and the snow blower which looks brand new was shipped up from Baltimore by friend for my "Christen" project.

as I started it to back it out of the garage, a piece of cardboard fell from in front of a 1/2 bench on the wall where my table vice is mounted. first thing I notice was the vice and I was rather surprised there was one, and the next was after the cardboard fell it exposed a 220 rod wielder and a table miter saw with a metal blade from what ever was my last project before I had my brain operation, which by what I was told was Christen.

Sorry for the long read but, if you can imagine I ran across the build Pryor to this little tour of my "Man's Den" and I said to myself I think I just might be able to build that if I had....and I started making a list of different tools I would use to build something like that, which is why I think I got the little tour.

Seeing NOW i all ready had my wish list for tools, well I was really looking forward to getting a mig wire feed but......I order the build, which to me still seems to be pretty basic and simple to follow just as the description said it would be, the only thing I found a little cumbersome was the lack of a list for "total length of stock" and how many of what you would need for the build but after a quick read I could figure out the options for the grade of stock and the total length for the build, which I almost came up short because of the steering wheel arms added to it even more. But you will find if you know how much you need in -X- stock, and how to prearrange that stock to be cut to minimize the "waist" you can "shop" around for the better deal. My Stock price fell from 45.00 in tubing from the local hardware to 25.00 with free shipping on the Net, so I found that information being important.

so what the problem some may ask. The problem is yes I use to weld (for I been told) but I been finding myself rereading the HOW-To's on the basic's of it as if I never have done it before because simply, I have forgotten -how to- just like I forgot about Christen and the Vice. so when it comes to the point of welding I may have a real issue. If someone is in Rochester that know how to run the heat on aluminum I just may need some assistance in finding a local shop that can weld my build.

also looked at Durarod for the build which reads to be allot simpler but again trying to remember the details of the "act" itself is difficult and the cost of a pack of durarod is more than the mig welder on sale at harbor fright.

Ride-on, I will let yea guys and girls know about my progress.:rockon:

(p.s) I currently use my bike to go to my doctor's which is a simple 1 mile ride to one, and to the team is a 5 mile "cruise" on the bike trail or a 9 mile car ride (one way) and lets not forget about the "Parking Garage", my current bike is equipped with GPS navigator/locater for I don't get "lost" or side tracked and if I fail to "check in' with my "digital babysitter" (the Cell Phone) someone can locate where I am. pretty pathetic in (my opinion) for a guy like me who before I was forced into "retirement" drove a million miles as a long haul tractor trailer driver.

10-24-2010, 09:25 PM
What state is Rochester, or is that just a nickname?

10-24-2010, 10:41 PM
What state is Rochester, or is that just a nickname?

what state is Rochester....?

it's a city, there's this one in the Northeast on lake Ontario in New York.

"Houston" is a nickname, or I should just say it was my old handle on the C.B., seeing I was born in Texas and when ever something broke on someone truck others would just tell them to call the Texan if you got that problem, then it just fell apart from then on...

10-25-2010, 07:56 AM
Hello Houston. The reason I asked is that there's a Rochester, MI and it's only a few miles from me. I've been hoping to find someone local to share ideas with and maybe learn from each other. I'm better at seeing how things are done, than trying to read instructions. Good luck with your build.

ken will
10-25-2010, 08:11 AM
Rochester, MI and Rochester, NY are only about 200 miles apart.

A 3 hour drive and you can be working together.:punk:

10-25-2010, 12:40 PM
Welcome! :sunny:

10-26-2010, 07:40 PM
Rochester, MI and Rochester, NY are only about 200 miles apart

little under 300 "as the bird fly's" allot further depending if you run the southern route down and around the "the lakes", or run the "northern expressway" up over and across Canada, and I wasn't expecting Rochester MI (which is in the north central) to get confused with Rochester NY which is in the North East seeing the thread i posted to..but that's ok I am just getting use to the forum also.

I am up to "sharing" my build, and not "give-away" the plains in doing so along the way, what has my head a little confused right now is the gross weight. going to weigh my box's of components I have with the frame stock, just may rework the seat as a sling support cloth that you just lay on to lessen the weight. working on my rear hub right now going max out the rear gears for I have a base width for the rear forks. Seeing I am going to have to go with option #2 for the heaver frame and because we have these "little" Moe-hills around here I think I am going to want to be able to reach deeper in to the lower gears with this.

wish I could just put on a Ezip electric drive rear hub..but that is illegal in NY state.

ken will
10-27-2010, 08:10 AM
wish I could just put on a Ezip electric drive rear hub..but that is illegal in NY state.

Call your Congressman. Light a fire under his butt and get the law changed!!

"There is a proposed bill to allow ebikes. As of May 2009, Bill A2393("Defines the term electric assisted bicycle") has been passed in the NY State Assembly and its corresponding Bill S4014, sponsored by Senator Thomas Morahan, passed the Transportation Committee of the New York State Senate on January 26, 2010."

10-28-2010, 12:04 AM
Well Ken, what a long term "idea" is, is to just build it and go to the media about it, seeing I am disabled the price of the Ezip rear drive compared to a 14 speed internal hub...

the thing about the ezip hub is simple it looks-like a simple old fashion 5 speed, untill you count the gears on the rear hub but still that is deceiving because no where on the bike (@walmart btw) does it explain that the gear ratio "span" is the same as a 21 speed bike with no duplicated gears. the problem with the bike itself is the total gross of the frame is 75 pounds.

I placed a call to the NY State canal and thruway authority about the "no motor vehicles allowed" signs on the bike trail, where as they allow motorized mobility carts on the path but it against NY sate law to have a motorized bicycle other than on privately owned land, I had to explain to them I am disabled but I chose not to use a hover round that would make me "stand-out" as being disabled, where on a motorized recumbent I wouldn't be "special" and I would blend in with the general public. I was told that that they could possible issue me a "special permit" to use the bike on the bike path. I heard that and felt it was like a handicap parking permit (which i also refuse to have but can get one if I wanted one) and I explained that to them, also gave the scenario of being pulled over by the RPD bike patrol just to show my permit would be hassle seeing no one else would have one. even offered to ride one as a protest to the law if someone would provide one for me to challenge the law in my blog...had no takers, of course the threat of having a muti-thousand dollar bike taking away because some wingnut like me wanted to make a point, even to me sounded a bit to much to risk.

Now, here was my idea back then and still is...we have allot of returning veterans that have mobility problems, if there could be some way the build could be adapted to handle the insertion of a wheelchair in place of the seat with no pedal mast to be in the way, or a carrier rack that would store one fold up on the back, with the drive hub and no pedals, think what that would do for the moral of a wounded Veteran?

there is a bike program here in Rochester that I presented the idea to and it fell on deaf ears because of the law and they where not capable of manufacturing a rig just repairing them into ride-able bikes.

hopefully with our new administration coming in this will change, for yes...I will be making some noise AGAIN.

350.00 +/- for the rear drive and two battery's..
1300.00 for the 14 speed internal hub

Great story about the Ezip's development and production, seeing the head CEO and engineer of Boeing was retiring they asked him what he had planned next...

He said, well seeing wiber and his brother started off making bikes before they built the airplane, I figured I would follow their footsteps but in reverse seeing I all ready designed some pretty big airplanes...

and someone shouted...what designing bikes?

and he said...why not, they haven't change in 75 years might as well...everyone though he was joking...then Barkly became their spokes person ("think green" Ed)

Ok, back to my build and having a nifty idea....

I am thinking about doing the whole frame assembly in 1x1 wood, not for riding but as in a mock model, to "fine tune" some of the cuts and the angles. each piece would be held to the model with a wood doll that will not be clued in and would be removable for I can mark it on my frame stock.

This way when a fellow veteran shows me he purchased the plains, I can let him work off my mock up also, pretty sure I will turn some heads with it and I have 6 months of winter weather....so.

ken will
10-28-2010, 12:31 AM
How about something like this with a hub motor in the front wheel?


10-29-2010, 11:42 PM
Well...no, I can't figure which two I would prefer over that, being shot in the head or being held up in like in the movie "white-line-fever" for a Semi could hit me so I have settled on both, as long as they would be done simultaneously.

seriously, if you ever spent a period of time in one they are rather uncomfortable, least to say being on the Canal path on one alone you would be extremely noticeable and that is what I am trying to avoid.