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ken will
08-24-2010, 04:20 PM
A while ago there was a link to the fantastic horse bike with 8 point steering.

It has been raining here for days so instead of welding in the rain I played with my old animation software.

The frame is red
the steering rails are yellow
the pivots are blue

This first one shows 5 point steering. It is basically a parallelogram, the front axle turns with the handlebars.


The problem with only 5 points is the wheel can also flop swing side to side.


But if you add a front pivot on the frame with a crossarm and two more pivots it can not swing side to side. so it works great.

http://1v7xvw.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pSYQVmtwmaAGk5F0tpykSZisw4bjsCEEO83fRcJEAAoEMfvG D42uesgj9rpTNg1DFdCoPft7kcgYaDM_OQ6_mT_UzTqUXoBhM/8%20pointsteerB.gif?psid=1

Odd Man Out
08-24-2010, 07:57 PM
Hey Ken
Are you trying to replicate that dog's head???
If you are serious I may of some help.

The guy that designed and built that work of art lives in my town -- I have his addy and phone # (found on his site). I could call and ask if I could take pix... whadyatink?

ken will
08-25-2010, 05:13 PM
Odd Man Out ... I would love to see some pictures!

It's suppose to be sunny everyday for a while so I am switching back from animation mode to metal work mode.

It was still raining today so I animated a couple of tadpoles.

I was thinking 8 pivot points for steering was way over the top, but a direct steer tadpole has 4 pivot points and an under the seat steering tadpole has 7 pivot points.

Of course on the 8 point steering all pivots are weight bearing where as on a tadpole only 2 bear the weight of the machine. The main pivot under the seat does take a little weight depending on how "heavy handed" the rider is. The linkage ends don't need to be very strong.

I made the weight bearing pivots blue
the non-weight bearing pivots are red.

http://1v7xvw.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pxBKrOtzPtqUo46DKENntsDN7UsVVX9TFWsMNaOiapE3EY_e tQm8_SAPi7hEGsZf7KKrBVMDuLLVywxdQW6Hr2_YxlabS0Pml/E%203rd000.gif?psid=1

http://1v7xvw.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pxBKrOtzPtqU1Tix_02EX4Kes5fJh5huoozCI_o1cVHvtm4_ RlcGCYgdb2Dj_ZFnkZovnzo3pIex3MmcKBwc7KdZ1HInEjFR6/B%201st%20000.gif?psid=1