View Full Version : Generator for powering welder?

08-02-2010, 08:44 PM
As I'm sure i mentioned before, this is my welder. http://www.overstock.com/Auto-Parts/Lincoln-Electric-Handy-Core-Wire-Feed-Welder/2888262/product.html

I need a generator to run this, as my household wiring won't permit it's operation. With the math I've done, and the conclusion I've arrived at, states that i need a generator with a 2300watt output (115volts x 20amps) to power this contraption. This would be the only load on the generator at any one time, of course.

This is where i need some clarification:

Would i need 2300watt peak, or constant power output? I'm thinking either, as my machine only has a 20% duty cycle, so the generator would only be running 20% of the time @ max output (theoretically, of course...).

However, if i had a 2300watt continuous power source, the generator wouldn't have to idle up to supply power to the machine when welding, which would be cheaper on gas & easier on the machine...

Also, i have heard that the initial strike of an arc is well above the constant draw of the welder, up as much as double (which i currently believe is a false rumor), and would fry the generator if i didn't have a wattage of double the necessary constant working amp draw.

I'm juggling these ideas around, and cant settle on one. Help please!