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06-23-2010, 11:37 PM
Downloaded and read the Highroller plans front to back several time and before I start, I have made a full size paper drawing and think that something is wrong. I will be using 26” wheels front and back and when I set the head angle stated in the plans, I get 3.75” of trail. I have looked on the forum and unless I’m wrong 2” to 3” of trail is normal. With the main boom/steering tube angle stated in the plans, the only way that I can see getting 2” to 3” of trail is to make the wheelbase much longer. This is against what is in the plans. Also, when I measure the BB height from the ground, I think that it is 3” to 4” too high. I know that the BB height will more than with 20” wheels. Not giving figures from the plans; no free info. I know that this isn’t rocket science. Am I just paranoid or what?

Odd Man Out
06-24-2010, 01:13 AM
If you understand the concept of "trail" -- and it is clear that you do -- AND you have made a full size drawing...
Why don't you just adjust the headtube angle to get the right angle you need? Also check the design of the front boom on the new SWB lowracer TomaHawk -- there you will find an answer for your high BB problem. That is the great thing about these plans -- nothing is set in stone -- change what is needed to make it perfect for you.
1. You right -- it ain't rocket science.
2. No, you arn't paranoid, your just askin Q's.
3. Questions are good -- your question was probably one that many have had. Now all can find an answer -- it's all good.