View Full Version : HighRacer Sighting?

11-18-2009, 12:53 PM
The red bike near the end of this video that "Tots" is riding, sure looks to me like a square tube homebuilt (HighRoller?) sneaking in with the Bacchettas. I have asked the video's author over on BROL if it is, but what do you guys think?


11-18-2009, 04:34 PM
Well... it turns out that is indeed a square tube bike in the video, but not exactly a homebuilt. It was an early version of the Aerocycle built by Rich Pinto (before he went to work as the main designer for Bacchetta). Appartently it was built from square tubed chromoly. Here is a passage from one of Bryan Balls articles on some of the history:


When Bacchetta burst onto the recumbent scene a couple of years ago, it was obvious to everyone that they came to play. Their two debut designs, the Giro and Strada, were immediate hits. The Giro appealed to a very widespread crowd of general-purpose riders but the Strada struck an immediate chord with some of the recumbent markets more performance-oriented customers. Its fast rolling dual 26" wheels and laid back seat made it a very fast road machine and it quickly became the mount of choice for many riders who were into riding organized centuries and larger group rides. The crew at Bacchetta felt that they had proved the merits of the highracer principle to the masses and wanted to push the limits of the concept even further.

Meanwhile, Rich Pinto (a friend of Bacchetta's Mark Colliton and fellow fan of big wheel recumbents) was busy designing and prototyping an even faster version of his already blazingly fast limited production Aerocycle. This new bike was made out of a big fat round titanium tube rather than the square chromoly one that was the heart of previous Aerocycle models. The new bike was very light, looked great and immediately caught Bacchetta's eye.

They liked Rich’s new bike so much that they hired the man who designed it. They announced this new partnership at the 2002 Interbike trade show and had Rich’s pride and joy on display at their booth. After a few tweaks to make it even faster and easier to mass-produce, it became the Bacchetta Aero.