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08-17-2009, 04:13 AM
Hi everyone,

Just checking in to let everyone know there is an enthused builder in Strasbourg, France. I'm actually Canadian, from Toronto, but have been sinking my roots in the Rhine valley for the last 18 years or so. So I was that much happier when I stumbled upon this site a couple of months ago (yay, another intrepid Canadian on the 'net! Be proud, Canada!).

Anyway, my projects, in order of feasability:

- clean up the garage: ongoing, but the clutter has been sufficiently tamed;
- build a fold-up workbench with all that crap piled up around the place: started this weekend after several weeks of cogitation - will eventually post pictures if anyone's interested;
- learn to weld: one of my neighbours has got a kit and we start in a couple of days! Yay! My motto is LBD: learning by doing. That's how I got into the nuclear power industry and became a brain surgeon;*
- build a recumbent: got my eyes set on the HighRoller. ETA October-November, assuming all the rest works out and time is available in sufficient quantities;
- teach my 7-year-old daughter to ride a bike, for Pete's sake, stubborn little whatchamakallit that she is. Or build her a trike! Maybe for her birthday next February;
- revolutionise urban transport in Strasbourg: bike's are very popular here, with lots of bicycle paths around town. If I can get the city involved, there might be a real possibility for alternative HPV transport to take off here.
- propagate the ideals of mutual aid and respect, civic participation, progressive indivualism and peace and love.

Look forward to hearing from other HPVer and builders, wherever they may be. And just to open the debate, I hate choppers.

Take it easy!

* just kidding.

08-17-2009, 11:25 AM
Bonjour Kobber, bienvenue, eh! That's quite a To Do list, but I'm sure we can all pitch in with some advice and support. We can also help your daughter ride a bike. All we need is a couple of plane tickets, though, which is part of the membership requirement. :jester:

08-18-2009, 02:36 AM
Hi Koolkat,

Thanks for the offer. This is the best I could find for the trip over here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgQdlpqDTws. Whaddya' say? Hope you're in shape, though, 'cause it's a long pedal (paddle?). My door's always open.

Take it easy.