View Full Version : 40 Mile Round Trip

05-21-2009, 07:41 PM
I took the DR on a 40 mile round trip with great results. I only used gears 3-5, and only used the motor while going uphill, which includes rises in the road. Without the motor, I could never last for that long a trip. I arrived home in good condition, and could have rode further. There was still plenty of power left in the 15ah battery pack. My next experiment will be to see how far I can ride using the motor only, starting with a 10 mile round trip. My main concern was running out of battery power, but using the motor sparingly and riding at a leisurely pace, a 15ah battery pack is sufficient for my needs. The longest trip I make is to my cousin's house, which is 15-18 miles round trip.
For the LWB tadpole, I'm saving my dimes for a 16ah LiFePo4 battery pack. I'll also need a new throttle and brake levers. Plenty of time for that, since I haven't built the tail box yet.
Having a motorized bike is outstanding. It sure beats riding around in a wheelchair, and goes further on a charge to boot.