View Full Version : A Spot Welder Would Help (Or Galvanized sheet)

04-21-2009, 02:33 PM
I need a new box for the DR. Instead of buying another hub motor, I have a 450W 36v motor with gear reduction that I plan on using. I also have broken 20 ga. steel table that will fill the bill nicely. I cut it up and started to weld it. Even on a very low setting, it just melts it away. I brought the pieces to my friend's body shop so they could spot weld it together.
It would have been nice if the table was galvanized. Then I could just solder it together with no problems.
The new box will be a bit smaller than the heavy plastic tool box that's on the trike now, and I was amazed that the steel box will weigh less.
In case I run into this problem again, I ordered a spot welder for use with DC welders. I just don't want to wait for it because HF orders usually don't arrive for a few weeks.


04-21-2009, 03:34 PM
Hey kid how much was that 450 watt motor.

Got that electric pocket rocket with blown 400 watt motor.

Thinking ahead of what motor I want to use on it.

It is in good enough shape may just fix it for kids down the street.

trying to figure out how big a motor the controller will handle though.

Anyways good idea on spot welder.


04-21-2009, 05:13 PM
I got it free, but a similar one is sold at electricscooterparts.com for $100. It's a brushed motor, so I had to buy a controller for 40 bucks. I already have two throttles and some batteries, so I'm pretty much all set to go. I just have to get the motor back from my buddy. When I found it I left it in his car with the rest of the goodies we found, and I haven't been able to get to his house. He still has to pick up a speaker box I made for him, so I'll wait until he has time to come and get it.