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Andrew Schlosser
01-02-2009, 03:53 AM
I've developed a somewhat detailed bill of material/parts list after reading the Kyoto plans. I intend to use this to change the design a little bit.
http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pUtDTcKVH8-49FHeYikEfNw (http://http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pUtDTcKVH8-49FHeYikEfNw)

For instance, I know the difference of riding a 30 vs 70 lbs bike. To me, the vehicle weight is not negligible, especially since I'll be providing 75% of the motive force. This spreadsheet allows me to easily change the gauge of tubing (in excess of 550 lbs of human to move), the dimensions of the bike (want to fit it inside a pickup bed), etc and see it's corresponding effect on cost and weight.

For those that have completed a full Kyoto, are these total estimates of $280 and 100 lbs accurate? I understand cost is highly dependent on what you can scavenge.

Andrew Schlosser
01-02-2009, 03:56 AM
After reading my own post, particularly the part about 550 lb of passenger, whether the bike is 70 lbs or 100 lbs....that 30 lb difference is less than 5% of the total vehicle + passenger weight. The cost/benefit value of really trying to reduce the vehicle weight might not be worth it.

01-02-2009, 08:57 AM
Hi AJ, & welcome to the Krew! The KC was my most recently finished project, just over a month ago, but I don't think I can help
you very much, as far as cost & weight estimates. I didn't take the time to weigh all the parts individually,
& the thing is too large & unwieldy to precariously balance on a set of scales, so I have no way of weighing it, although I wish I could.

Just as an educated guess though, I'd say the "average" KC will tip the scales at around 100 lbs.
I'm sure mine is even more than that, because of the somewhat heavy canopy top I added, as well as accessorizing it to death!

As for cost, once again, YMMV. This one was by far the most expensive thing I've ever built, & took the longest as well, at 11 months,
but don't let the "11 months" scare ya. For starters, I'm a pretty slow builder anyway, & I really took my time on this one.

Anwyay, back to cost, during the 11 month building process, this one totalled over $800 for me! Bear in mind though,
I bought some pricey goodies for it, like factory seats that came to $120, lights that came to $72,
alloy wheels that came to $120, & $53 worth of new tires, so once again, YMMV, as some of these expenses can be eliminated,
or at least shaved down. Other (fairly) expensive items are unavoidable, though. Like disc brakes & pillow block bearings.

In fact, the expense was one reason it took me 11 months to complete it. I'm on a pretty limited budget,
so there were times I'd have to wait for my money to pool, to buy more stuff for it & move ahead!

I keep pretty meticulous records, so if you'd like, I'll send you my detailed list of everything I bought for mine.
It may help you in your planning stage. Either way, keep us informed of your progress, & good luck! :)

BTW, actual build time in hours (for ME), was 175. Hope this helps.


02-03-2010, 11:34 PM
Hi folks!

I'm 100% new to AZ and to building anything at all. But I really want to "build" my abilities!

I just bought my first AZ plan: The Kyoto. I was stunned to see that the plan does not include anything resembling an ingredients list. Do I seriously have to read through the whole plan from front to back and compile my own list? Or must I just start the project, and venture out of my garage to buy parts and tools every time I run into something I need?

In cookbooks, the first thing to appear in any recipe is the list of necessary ingredients and tools. Does such a list exist out there for the Kyoto? Or does each Kyoto builder have to write out the same list after reading the plan cover to cover?

I see that Andrew Schlosser posted a spreadsheet with many figures on it. Sadly, I can't really understand the spreadsheet.

Thanks so much for your patience and help.

Andrew Schlosser
02-04-2010, 12:05 AM
after you browse around the forums for a bit, I think you'll find that the plans aren't so much a detailed, explicit instruction sheet, but more of a detailed guide. There's lots of room for discovery/improvisation/customization- if you're willing to put in some thought and experimentation on your own. I think that most of the Atomic Zombie crew enjoys the build as much as the bike.
I went back to my Google Docs spreadsheet- did you check out the tab called Itemized List? (tabs are shown at the bottom of the browser window) That's fairly explicit and simple to read. I think you were looking at the first sheet which is a worksheet compares different tube dimensions.

02-04-2010, 01:36 AM
Hi Andrew!,

Thanks for your reply! I was afraid you'd say something like that. I really haven't the skills or knowledge to do much improvisation or customization. Hopefully if a discovery plants itself in front of my nose, I'll be able to see it.

Indeed, the "Itemized list" is much closer to what I as looker for. I hadn't seen the tabs there. Thanks!

To be honest, most of what I read in the forums is Greek to me. I really don't understand many of the terms or concepts. For example, I really don't understand "Can a welded bridged rod from the underneath support the tension of a bowing frame in deflection?" Yikes! I guess I'll just do my best and see what happens.

Anyway, thanks for your help!

Odd Man Out
02-04-2010, 02:27 AM
To be honest, most of what I read in the forums is Greek to me. I really don't understand many of the terms or concepts.

Hey we all started from scratch sometime -- glad you are here. Ask questions, we are here to help.
A bit of inspiration for you: I can remember reading forum member's "Danner" first post. He was just starting out like you are now... Check out the work he has done -- he is now teaching us old dogs new tricks. Let your interest guide you. You will be up to speed and building sooner than you think. Again welcome!

02-05-2010, 01:13 AM
Thanks for the encouraging words! I'd love to check out Danner's stuff. How do I find it?

02-05-2010, 01:58 AM
Enter 'danner' into search and have a read


02-06-2010, 12:30 PM
Ah, thanks for the help, Peter!