View Full Version : Home Built welder

02-06-2008, 02:40 AM
On the old forum, I had asked about home built welders. A few months later, I *built* one. I followed the instructions on Randy Gross' website here:


Randy was a HUGE help in brainstorming ideas for modifications. He also sent me the attached current limiting mods.

I found that two windings of 14ga wire done one on top of each other and put in parallel are a lot easier to wind, and cheaper. I got that from the above website too. I have pictures of my welder here:


It isn't yet done. I need to build the current limiter circuitry in, and I am seriously considering making it 220v by putting the primaries in series instead of parallel.

I also need to put it in a case of some sort. I'm considering one of the old computer cases I have in my garage. I'd like something nicer but its not too important.

Lastly, my welder only came in at 60 amps, but it welds 1/16" 6013 rod just fine.