View Full Version : Delta Runner Taking Shape (new pic)

08-27-2008, 07:36 PM
The painting is done, the tires arrived, the headsets are installed, but the stem I wanted to use is the wrong size. I modded one for temp purposes. All fabricating left is to finish one axle, the tie rod and the rack. After that everything else will be installed, and the trike will be ready to go.


08-27-2008, 09:18 PM
Cool. I scored 9 bikes today so I may be able to get to this point soon. I have lots of wheels now.

Looks real good Kid.

08-28-2008, 10:12 PM
The rear brake, derailler and freewheel are installed, The BB is in place, tie rod and brake levers are installed, cable sheaths are internally run. Rather than take the boat seat off the tadpole, I ordered a new one. I'm also waiting for a 5 speed grip shifter to arrive. If I had a good place to mount an old Stingray stick shifter, I'd get one of those. The freewheel is an old Schwinn, with 17 and 14 double spaced teeth on the 2 large cogs, and 24-17-14 teeth on the rest. The trike is geared low, with a 32 tooth chainwheel, but will still have a top speed of 14mph @ 80 rpm, a cadence I can maintain @ 59 gear inches. Plenty fast for a narrow trike ( 28 1/2" track) with a high CoG. This is my new fishing trike, and will also be used for light shopping trips. The 2 front bolts closest to the wheels holding the bearings in place will be held in place with 3/8" bolts and reducing couplings, and there are two bolts in the rear corners held in place the same way. This will allow 2 strips of 2" x 1/4" aluminum bar to be suspended above the protruding brake disc and act as a rack. The strips will be screwed in place with 1/4" countersunk flathead screws.

08-29-2008, 04:15 PM
Looks like another great ride will soon be emerging from New York!

Looks great, Kid!


08-29-2008, 07:32 PM
Thanks Joey. I haven't forgotten about you, but I was supposed to get 4 bikes, and they haven't been delivered yet. They get promised every day, but something always comes up.
Some of the internal sheathing didn't work because there were some sharp angles. I plugged up and painted the holes and will reroute. Also, The boom may be too short for the new seat, so I may have to use the tadpole seat on the Runner. I'll have to see when the seat arrives. I'm not going to hold my breath on the 4 bikes, so I ordered new chain. It looks funny with the small chainring, but I want to keep this as simple as possible. The Hauler is more complex because it's made for heavier loads, I doubt I'll be carrying more than 20 lbs. on this, and that's if I get a good haul of tasty blue claw crabs.
In an attempt to get as much done as possible, I installed one handgrip, and the front brake is operational. I'll get the rear brake working tomorrow. Then I'll just have to wait for the seat, chain, and shifter to arrive. I wish I could find the 5 speed thumb shifter I had last year. Too much stuff in the garage is buried. I'll have to clean it out this wekend.

08-30-2008, 02:44 PM
Kool, thanx for the heads-up, Kid! Hey, I can wait. Like I said,
at your convenience, especially if it enables you to procure any more goodies, heh-heh!

Besides, I'm still stalled for at least a few more days anyway.

In fact, I haven't even gotten to use my welder since bringing it home,
although I did get try it out while I was there at National Welders.


08-30-2008, 04:34 PM
Hope the welder works well. I found enough chain to hook up the derailler, and tried it out in high gear. It's real hard to get started, and there's no way I'm going to try any hills yet. I could have sworn I had more tandem brake cables. I should have hooked up the rear brake first. I have several gear cables, so I'm going to install a 6 speed shifter until the new one arrives. I put the boat seat from the tadpole on, and sure enough,the boom is too short. Luckily, you don't need a seat post with boat seats, so I cut the seat post off, and moved the seat back. Perfect. Now I'll have to make an extension for the rear portion of the rack, which is no biggie. The next time I make a trike, I'm using the first method of attaching the front tube to the boom. I went by the KC plans (Brad went through this route on the DR also) instead of the DW plans, which makes it difficult to run the cables internally. I tried wire ties, but they don't look so hot. I ended up drilling holes and running the cables partially internally, which ended up looking worse than the wire ties. I have a lot of touching up to do, so I think it would have been better to just weld some cable guides on.
The amount of trail is excessive. It's hard to control at low speeds, and any deviation from flat forces the front wheel in the downward direction. It's really hard to stop it from doing what it wants to do. I also made the pilot steering tab too long, my pants get caught on it. I can't do much about the wheel flop other than using a curved non suspension fork, or just get used to it.

08-30-2008, 07:32 PM
Actually, now that I have the gears working, I can control the wheel flop easily. When it was in top gear, I could hardly pedal it, so I couldn't gain enough speed to control it. Plus, using all that strength trying to pedal it, using my back as well as my legs, I didn't have enough strength in my arms to control the bars. I installed a 6 speed shifter just to try it out. This is a very smooth riding trike. I have Kenda slicks all around, and all are inflated to the maximum, 65 lbs. It went up the hill in front of my house with ease, even with the lowest gear being 29 gear inches. I tried the same hill from the south, which is a left uphill turn, and it easily made it, without any pain. Even on my Fox, that turn is difficult at 23.5 gear inches. The first time I made it on the newly modified Fox It was a milestone for me. I had trouble making it at 14 gear inches with my quad, and 16 with the fox the way I had it originally.
Anyone who wants a trike that sits high with upright seating, download the plans as soon as they are available.
I have to wait until some parts are delivered before I could finish, but Monday I'll be going to my LBS to get a tandem brake cable. He'll get a kick out of the 5 speed freewheel he gave me last year. I like that freewheel because the first 2 gears are 34 and 28 teeth, unlike the 7 speed megarange freewheels that are 34 and 24 teeth. This only goes down to 14 teeth, but for this trike, that's all I need. I had it going pretty fast, and could have gone faster, but I didn't want to push it with only the front brake operational. If you don't need speed, I'd recommend the simplicity of 5-7 speeds for this trike.
All I need to do now is wait for my new stem and shifter, install the rear brake, idler pulley and rack, and I'm in business. I'll touch up the paint a little at a time. I'd rather ride it than futz with it.


08-30-2008, 08:23 PM
Nice machine!


08-30-2008, 08:33 PM
Thanks Brad. I have a new boat seat coming soon. It's a high back version, so it should be a bit more comfy.


08-31-2008, 01:20 AM
16 ga. as usual.