View Full Version : Single KC turned Delta Runner Ready for Assembly

08-25-2008, 04:10 PM
After extending the front tube, and adding the derailler and disc caliper mount, the Single KC is now a Delta Runner. The frame is painted, and just needs wet sanding and possibly a few touch-ups. Then it can be assembled, tomorrow, weather permitting. The fork will remain black, as it came from the factory. I've also painted the cast iron pillow blocks flat black.


08-25-2008, 04:14 PM
Good work on that frame. Yep, looks just like the DR frame now. Have you dicided on a wheel size now?


08-25-2008, 04:52 PM
Thanks. The wheels are now going to be 26". It started out with 20" wheels, and I was going to use the suspension fork I had on the Meridian. But I hacked that fork in an attempt at front suspension for the tadpole last year. Meanwhile, I had the frame all painted, but never found another fork, so I put it on hold, and forgot about it until you built the DR. I have the fork from the Fox donor that I decided not to use on the Hauler, with the steering tab already on. All I need is some 3/8" rod for the tie rod. I'll build a temp rod from an axle and some tubing in the interim. I have 26" wheels with keyed hubs ready for tires, which should be here tomorrow. I also have a single pc. BB already made up with a 32 tooth ring, disc adapter, and freewheel adapter with a 14-34 tooth 5 speed freewheel. I figure with the high CoG and the narrow width, speed is not the goal for safety reasons. I'll still be able to go 12-15 mph in high gear. The weight of all the components combined comes to 44lbs. The rear wheels are even spoked left and right, as per suggestions posted elsewhere in the forums.


08-26-2008, 11:40 PM
I knew this was too easy. First, I put the rear wheels and fork in place, and discovered I made the front tube too long. Then I found that the headset I was going to use for the front fork wouldn't work with the existing race. I have a few new headsets for 21.4mm ID steering tubes, but only one for 22.4mm, which was going to be used for the pilot steering. Both are 1" headsets, but the races have different ID's, and use a wider head tube. As it turns out, the fork I'm using has a 21.4mm steering tube. I have one head tube that size, (1 1/4" ID) but it's too short, so I made one from a piece of 1 1/2" OD tube: slit it, and welded it back together. I cut the front tube 2 " shorter, and installed the new head tube. Success. The trike now sits level, instead of dipping forward. Then I found the pilot steering assmbly from my Meridian, which already had the tab welded on. It has an ID of 21.4". So rather than use the used headset, I removed the head tube from the pilot steering, and replaced it with the Meridian assembly. I replaced the headset with a new one, which matches the headset on the fork. So now I have another assembly for the next project, and matching headsets on the DR.
I still had daylight left, so I sanded eveything down, primed, and painted, just in time. Not bad, because I didn't start until 3 PM.
Tomorrow I'll set the axles up, and make a temporary tie rod, and if time permits, install the rear brake and derailler cables. I'll be able to have it done by Friday afternnoon, just in time for the arrival of the tires.

08-27-2008, 01:45 AM
That was the problem. The crown races on the BMX headsets have a smaller ID. The mountain bike had the same race. It's a Wallyworld bike. I used for the donor for the Fox. I noticed that the steel frame versions use the the 21.4mm tubes, while the aluminum frame versions of the same basic suspension bike use the BMX tubes. I made the extra work for myself on the pilot tube, just so I could have brand new matching headsets. If I didn't have to wait for the tires, I probably would have just used the used headset that worked with the race that was originally on the fork, and found another headset for the pilot.