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02-06-2019, 07:16 PM
Decided to use a jig to position the rear fork assembly for welding.

This is the mark1 version in production :-


I used an offcut from a 40mm wooden kitchen worktop.

Marked out the surface, then glued and screwed blocks for clamping.


Clamps were used to hold the assembly in position for welding.
Once 3 welds were complete the assembly was turned over for the final welds.


so far, so good.....BUT,
once welding was complete, there was a small misalignment between the fork legs and the small joining piece.
It had been "pulled" by the welding and resulted in a slight "bend" horizontally.
The square tube required some "downward" force as well..... no problem, onto mark2 jig.

I didn't want to reuse mark1 as other improvements were being incorporated as well, so built a fresh one.

Used some plywood, but as it wasn't true, had to build a torsion box, trying to force the plywood flat again, this worked OK.
Here is mark2 version, made and ready for first welds:-

Larger blocks had been used this time, the first ones were too "Shallow", when the assembly is turned over, packing pieces are placed below it to ensure previous welds are clear of the surface.
The larger blocks ensure full surface clamping, even when packing is placed in position.

Additional wood battons were placed to hold the tubes firmly to the surface.

It does make it difficult to do the inside welds, so its either remove the clamps or weld it when its off the jig.
If welding off the jig, it will want to "close" the fork gap, either clamp it somehow or go easy on the welding.

02-06-2019, 09:22 PM
Hello HHHH,

How's about making yourself a small welding bench? Nothing fancy, but I think you'll find life a lot easier with regard to bike builds, as well as other stuff. Here's mine.....

It's made from angle iron, and measures around 20"x30", and sits on the BBQ stand, just hide it away when not in use. You could use square section, or rectangular, whatever you can get easily. Important thing is to make it flat and without any twist - not too difficult. Wood is good, but steel is real.......:rockon:

02-07-2019, 12:31 AM
Thanks :)