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11-22-2018, 10:52 AM
Hello group, I am 100 percent new to this group. Years back my wife and I built a tandem strip built kayak from plans. It was amazing. They are reported to be lighter and stronger than regular fiberglass and only beat out by the top carbon fiber for weight is my memory from reading. I was able to find only 1 velomobile on the internet built to strip built construction. I'm retired now from regular jobs and now living in the Philippines but American here with my wife and 8 year old triplets. We have a PECOLO e-trike with li-ion battery banks. It is great for carrying loads and lots of passengers but when I go to the city (20-30km round trip typically) many times I am by myself or with one of the kids only and buying grocery bag sized stuff. I find myself yearning for something that does not take such an expensive battery bank and maybe even something faster. We have almost a 500 foot drop (so I'd call it at least over 400 as the city borders the port and we are basically at 500ft elevation) over the 10km. The weight of the PECOLO is in line with the passenger capability so it requires a fully charged battery to make the round trip. I know a velomobile would be faster and more efficient. I'm also eager to experiment with bamboo construction on a frame but read about concerns regarding splitting. Besides just showing the beauty why don't people wrap the entire length with FRP? Is it because the flexing of the bamboo will result in failure of the FRP around it? Seeing fishing poles and fiberglass antennas I would think that shouldn't be the case but could be wrong. It just seems to make sense to wrap the bamboo with FRP to make it that much better as the aesthetics are below the function for me (form follows function except in modern consumer electronics where they have broken that law in cases like iPhones). It sure would be awesome to build a strip built velodrome that is useful in a daily basis. I could not find any threads on it here. Best regards, Mike

11-22-2018, 11:16 AM

Get access to Bent Rider Online [ BROL ] and do a search for wood velomobile....

Then look for a guy called Terry he has built an all sheet one :-


a wood strip one :-


and is now building a wood strip Waw:-