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  1. A Nice Spoke Tentioning Video
  2. Very old book on Bicycle Engineering
  3. An Interesting MotorBike Forum
  4. Air Power
  5. Useful Information
  6. A Nice Educational Bike Shop Site
  7. Kat and Radical Brad - Thanks for all the new videos
  8. Books and Magazines
  9. some interesting books for download
  10. Shweeb
  11. Bicycle Repair Video's
  12. Folding Trike Ideas and a Clutz with a Seat
  13. Free CAD program
  14. New or updated AZ Books?
  15. Kitebuilder.com
  16. Popular Mechanics Ground Hugger plans.
  17. Upping the "Bling" part 1
  18. the welders lens
  19. hand trike
  20. Tubing miters, cut perfectly.*
  21. Interesting 3WD Tadpole Trike from Russia
  22. Attitdue adjustment using COG
  23. Recumbent trike design primer document.
  24. statics and strength calculator for round tubing